My inspiration…

I feel like I have years to catch up on. I’m terrible about writing (I did enough in college) and I’m even worse when it comes to taking photos. Like with a real camera. My phone is always overloaded with memory, but instead of holding onto those memories like I should, I upload them to Amazon Photos and save for a rainy day and start all over again. But I wish it were like the “old” days when all we had were cameras, film, photo albums, camcorders and VHS tapes. Something really tangible and in my view that I look at more frequently.

My husband and I talk every so often about ways to make memories with our kids (and now our 2-year-old red, long-haired adopted child dachshund, Merce Ann). Over a decade ago, my friend and mentor, Laura, gave me a blank journal and on the inscription it said “write it down for me, SB” (that was her nickname for me since my Dad called me Sarah Beth). Every time my little toddlers would say something so funny and adorable, I’d think “I need to go get that book so I can write it down” and by the time I remembered, I would forget exactly what happened and it always made me sad that I was losing these memories to be forgotten.

So this blog is my way of documenting things that I wish I had done more of and that are meaningful to me…and maybe helpful to you!